The Public Proudly Fooled by the Government

Chan Lo
4 min readFeb 1, 2021

The world is in a time where stupidity is at it’s PEAK although we have access to tools that open our minds with unlimited potential. The internet can be such a powerful tool that helps us enhance our knowledge, but at the same time social media makes people dumbfounded in the information that they choose to believe although facts constantly proves that it’s not correct.

We will discuss the topics of government stupidity, racism, and the riots/protests that have been occurring.

1) Outdoor INDOOR dining — who in the right mind invented this concept? So we are allowing indoor dining outside on the street curb, but at the same time saying that indoor dining is not allowed? People actually see a difference in this? All outdoor dining establishments are now built as if it was a building in itself. The government has ABSOLUTELY no problem with this, but tell us that indoor dining is not allowed when it’s the SAME EXACT thing? Just open up all the restaurants!

2) Donald Trumps capitol riot was such a HUGE deal, but the riots and the protests were peaceful? I understand the argument that the riots and protests had a purpose to fight for inequality, but who are we to judge that the Donald Trump rioters are not fighting for their freedom? When you make an argument, you have to accept it from both sides and be able to decipher what is right. In both scenarios, they are both inherently wrong.

Why? Because if we say it’s okay to destroy cities or buildings we are supporting TERRORISM. What is the textbook definition of terrorism? The unlawful use of violence for political purposes causing damage to innocent civilians and/or buildings/businesses. Cities were in FLAMES during the riots and protests, but one capitol building that belong to the government was such a huge deal. Let’s be fair now. Both cases were WRONG because they were BOTH acts of terrorism, but there is completely NO argument that one was way more catastrophic than the other. Mind you, during this time, the Biden administration said that the riots/protests were peaceful to promote their political agenda and told people to continue (destroying cities)… what is the difference from that as a former VP at the time compared to the President himself? Wake up.

If you supported ANY of the movements above, you’re supporting terrorism in general. Terrorists from Iraq are fighting for a purpose that we might not understand, if you’re saying that it’s okay if there’s a purpose… you’re basically saying that it’s okay for us to get blown up. No, they are ALL wrong.

3) Anti-racists have now become more racist than anyone can ever imagine.

“The memo signed by 129 faculty and staff members listed extensive proposals including the hiring of 12 dedicated diversity officers, giving half of all donations to New York’s public schools, and the elimination of AP classes if black students’ scores don’t equal those of white students.” from

How is this not racist? Is this not demeaning to anyone? Is Biden saying that if you don’t vote for him, that you’re not black not racist?

The public needs to WAKE UP and see how corrupt the media is, and how ignorant society has become in the fact that no one has an open mind to accept all information that is presented to them and come to their own conclusions. No one is capable of coming to their own conclusions, because everyone wants to be a part of a trend that they know NOTHING about.

Understand that majority of people are stupid, democracy itself isn’t necessarily the best form of selecting a leader to progress humanity. If you think about it, and I ask you to answer this question as you are reading this article… are most people dumb or smart? (not to be mean)

Okay, now if the election is done through basically popular vote in a way, we are selecting a President based off of what majority needs… so would you say the President elected is based off the “dumb” people’s choice? So how is this person supposed to lead the country and progress humanity?

You cannot even argue this for the case of Trump because he lost popular vote in the election. I mean, I don’t support the guy… but I definitely rather him than someone who is as fake as Biden.



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